Tuesday, 29 November 2011

eco-friendly industrial design and sculpture

now everyone is talking about sustainable, carbon footprint, recylce, this and that. well i guess everyone wants a piece of this, and wanted to claim that they are green? even plastic claims that they are greener than before. how well is this, now today i want to introduce one thing that i am always fond off. It's what i called as the scrap metal art. Well, this is very very popular in thai, i guess hard live does encourage people to look for ways to find a living. if you are asking me about my personal experience with bangkok, i would say even the fruit hawker is creative, even the way they prepare the the fruit is very creative needless to say on the fruit arrangement preparation with a limited tri-cycle.

okie back to scrap metal, basically its an artist that handles metal cutting, bonding and other related machinery to sculpt metal. When mold pouring is needed, they will do it but rarely happens, as far as i witness. here are those arts for you guys to enjoy. multiple movie, anime characters and own preference creature, furniture and props.

well here u go, i hope u guys enjoy this post. u can always enquire on the source if you are interested, maybe i can help out? :)

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