Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dreams gave birth to visions, vision + exploration + effort = Reality (industrial design with science)

after reading some articles on how people mod a digital holga, i was really shocked and amazed. then i was thinkin to my if some were to mod a digital holga with either lens or recycling old digital camera in a wooden box with some lens, i am sure there are people who share my thoughts and say " hey why not diy or design some sort of digital back to adapt on manual cameras, so not only holga will have a new point of life, my seagull, FED, lc-a, lomo frogeye (limited discountinued), will have get a point where they are able to breathe a new life. then i was lookin up and down, and i found this page for april fool thread, its not really making fun of readers but hey it make sense, and it might just require somebody who have the tech brain to invent it, but the dream, the concept and the vision is really there. therefore today i will be sharing with all of you, what our future photography can be. and for analog lovers, your leica, or mamiya or hasselblad and even instant camera will have a chance to perform  and worked on a film simulation platform but it was a digital encoder of some sort. please read on.

RE-35 is an awesome product: It's a film-roll-shaped cartridge that you insert into any film camera, instantly transforming it into a digital camera. A "Flexisensor" sheet extends from the cartridge once inside the camera, using the existing lens to capture high-res digital images.

Alas, as you might guess, the RE-35 website went live... on April 1st. Yet the credibility, interest and demand for the not-real product was so high that Rogge & Pott, the Hamburg-based design duo who conceived it, have had to stamp the following disclaimer on their site:

Re-35 does not really exist. We (the design company Rogge & Pott) created Re-35 as an exercise in identity-design. We invented the "product" because it was something, that we had wished for for a long time (as many others). We launched the website and sent out "press releases" on April first - thinking, that the date would make clear, that Re35 is just wishful thinking - a classic April Fools Prank!
...However: All this attention Re35 ist getting might actually be good for something. It proves, that there is a gigantic community of photographers with analog equipment out there that is desperately waiting for a product like this to come along- and we are looking into the possibilities.

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