Tuesday, 8 November 2011

music and design

Music, a form of entertainment for the mass..nowadays hardly you would find anyone saying "no, i don't like music". but hey..so what has music gotta do with design? i think music is a form of design, it requires creative mind to do so don't u think. but of course (and no offence) i personally thinks very very little boy bands, or any non independent song and music writing singers and entertainers are creative in terms of music. why? they don't write they dont play, they are born with nice vocals or looks and they would just sing and dance. This is talent, not creative.

So who is creative. Tom morello, the guitarist in Rage against the Machine, he is creative, he innovates ways to play guitars people that blow off people mind?  check out the video.

Well thats for tom morello, the other thing, is what i found recently, the band called skinred. A hardcore band, that contain multiple essence of different music into one ( new wave, hardcore, rapcore, reggae, screamo). This is very very experimental (at least to me) mixing reggae in the hardcore music. for me a music lover under the sun, loving metal music, reggae, and hip hop, this is definitely something for me.

wallaaahhh thats it for this post. hope u guys enjoy and share your love of music here too.

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