Thursday, 25 August 2011

industrial design (BackPAck)

Hi everyone....hello hello anyone there reading?..anyway just in case there is...i guess it will be for future reading as well. today i want to talk something about my personal favourite...backpack...yes some people call me the god of bags...well not louis vuitton, gucci, prada, hermes and etc. What i am looking for is always based on functionality of the backpack or bag itself.

Besides functionality, design is also a core consideration for me to buy a backpack, eventhough sometimes brand plays an important role, however designs always comes first in most cases. Due to my coming baby, every one was talking about papabag, its a bags that a father carries, with all the stuffs for babies. some people just utilize whatever they have, some specifically buy functional backpacks for it.

As i have been doing some research on it, i am thinking, since i haven't got any hardcase backpack in my collection, i thought it would be great to get a hardcase backpack for myself. so here's my finding. my number 1 likes would be this:

the rugged armadillos hardcase backpack, with rubbers from recylce tyre, this backpack is supercool, but it is quite expensive i lets drop the idea, however i would like to share with everyone that is readin this blog.

Second comes, the boombox backpack, well i guess this is more of a gadget backpack that is not so practical, but hey, for music lovers who loves to party, and constantly mobile, this would be a great bag...nodoubt.

Thirdly comes the not so new design, however still looks good and standing the test of time. well, i dint know what is it call, however i guess everyone would know about it.

LAstly, this is something that i think is quite cool, but definitely not what i am looking for, but worth knowing, the portable gun case/ tool case, with backpack feature i guess somebody can modify the existing torn back pack base with a few stitching here and there to make one.

Now my turn......after consider long, i decide to design a hardcase backpack myself. I havent name it yet, however just something to share. This is just a conceptualization, who would buy if i produce this backpack?


  1. BoomBox backpack looks uber cool~! Sumthing I would buy...

  2. It’s nice collection! The bag shop is selling all kinds of backpack online