Tuesday, 1 November 2011

antiQue with a modern phaselift

how many of you had loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or maybe hate something like the old volkswagen bettle where your dad drive under the hot sun without air condition, only relying on the natural air that is flowing in depending on the speed. and how fast can the car actually goes? or always felt envious with the neighbours new camera where they have autowinder for film, built in flash lights, at some point remote control to shoot, where you still own the own self winding camera, all the focus need to be precise manually, and dunno what light condition it is when you shoot?

if you still own them, congratulations, you are almost owning a piece of antique, be it valuable or not? it still stood the test of time, if it is functional. Even if it is not, it is still good for display or collection. But on the other hand, some design is so good the modern people would want to preserve the total design styling with a modern or futuristic touch. With booming in industrial design, things can happen, and these are some of the examples

Fiat 500

mini cooper

minox spy camera

olympus PEN

Volkswagen bettle

Above are all the wellknown ones, i believe there are more in mind, after reading this blog, i am personally a vintage car lovers, i love retro and vintage designs. But i am not extremist who would argue whether the classic or the modern phase lift is nicer. (at least most of the time) for me once the design styling is right, i will love i

i would really love to see a volvo 122s to have a modern touch.

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