Thursday, 1 December 2011

a design dedicate to my coming baby

Doctor: let me check. (doctor took out the ultrasound scan device)
Me:  ( _~_ )  (nervous).
Doctor: well from the scan, everything is fine
me: so u mean the baby is fine? the brown discharged spotting is okay
Doctor: listen the hearttbeat? its still strong....well, we will let her take a progesterone jap.

there marks the first day i visited the doctor with my wife on checking on my baby's status. day after days, weeks after weeks, months after months, playing guessing games with my wife on the gender. accompanying my wife through the night when she had rashes due to hormone change. and all a father to be or a husband would went through.

finally it marks the 35 weeks. and 2 more weeks, the baby is mature and ready to meet , papa, mama, grandma, grandpa and all the frens, uncle and aunties even cousinsssss....and the baby had sent a force to enhance daddy's momentum to work harder. and recently while thinkin all the hard work, and burden and task, negotiation, persuasion that i need to go through with my wife during her pregnancy, i decided to come up with a vector of a little child in rabbit costume to attempt my submission for istock.

how does it look? good? cute? ehemm by the baby is a boy. ( who says boy cant have a bob head, okok the illustration is a girl, i think girl looks cuter for stock images.) ehehe and yeah boy or girl doesn't matter, the reason why a bunny, it's because, even though estimated due date is around january, but he still falls under the year of rabbit in chinese astrology. another version of this has alredy been up in vector stock, which after's molotovcoketails advice, i have simplified the background to this. do comment.

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