Friday, 6 July 2012

Exhibition structure Design by Qswitch

hello everyone, yes been busy again with my full time job, but this post is about what i have done for my current full time company. as i might have explained before, i am a servicing representative for a design company, most of the time we are only focused on design base works. On some occasion we did have exhibition and roadshows awarded by our client. Every year, most of the 3D works of the booth will be done by a 3rd party, since this time around, purchasing department have take in some control over the award of job, my current partners could only come up with 2 design for the pitch, and i have volunteer myself to conceptualize the 3rd booth design.

and yes, reason why i am post in today is, my design had been selected among 10's of design from 5 different major agency. boy am i happy! its a lil bit excited overall when it comes to people acknowledging your design works, when u r so interested in that but u din demonstrate it to public and doubt about your capability. at least i did have some people thinking the concept of the booth is great and later selected it, and i have a chance to make it alive. how cool is that?

Well to major player in the market i know it's no biggie, but a for design enthusiast like me, getting to know everything bit by bit by self taught i am very happy with todays result. even though the profit from work will be contributed to the company, but hey its great to see the booth design made to real.

alil bit of history or background of the work. its a coating company called Dulux (formerly known as ICI Dulux) a brand from AkzoNobel, the biggest coating company in the world. they have launched a new flourish logo in the SEA region. name of exhibition Archidex (2012) a professional show from renovation to home deco for the professionals. Since its a high profile show with many visitors from relevant sectors, i have take this advantage to design a big 3D block of the LOGO with around 8-9ft in height, by booth location in the front entrance, the logo will be introduced to everybody that enters the hall.

from a perspective point of view, the logo is sitting against a bunch of colorful 2ftX2ftX2ft cubic which i name as colorful pixels, matching with the brand motto "let's Colour". This had clearly shown the colors behind the brand offering consumers and professionals a wide range of color selection for interior and exterior. by not wasting th giant logo, i have incorporated pigeon hole at the back of the logo with product sitting in it, signifying a complete range of paint solutions that the company is offering to the pros. oh yeah its also a double deck booth with a vip lounge to discuss stuff.

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