Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Design Icon: Joe Fenton (crazy illustration skills and detail)

Joe Fenton is the current new found artist i spotted in behance network. click on his name, and the link will bring you to his website. i must say  i admire his patience as an artist. The work is mind blowing, the detail and the 3 dimensional feel of his work is speechless. the works are very very great and conceptual, just my cup of tea. and best part is, all this is achieved via monotonous artpiece. I am amazed! and i have to blog and share out to everyone who is reading this blog. 

Below are some of this works from the art piece Solitude.

Every time u take a second look, you might find new detail in it. simply incredible. and he is selling his work too, and it is not expensive at all for such originality.

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