Thursday, 28 February 2013

3D structure design : interior design for cyber cafe

This is another post with original content of my own again, of the second cyber cafe design job which i have done. Its a modern minimalist cyber cafe with dim lighting. a mix of colour lighting to fuse a modern and soothing environment for the patrons.

Hope u guys like it.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tron styling Cyber Cafe with orange lighting by Qswitch

hi everybody its me again. its been a long time since i have posted. and its been even longer since i post my works. because recently i have gotten a job in conceptualising a cyber cafe design from scratch. that's something that i am really looking forward to do.

now that i have done i would just post and show you guys what i have done. not bad for a first official job that will be made real. finally some design with commercial value. i am happy with it. do tell me what do you think of this.

oh yeah, i have twitter account too. do add me as your group and i will definitely add back and learn a think or 2 from you too. my twitter is @qsdesignlab

Monday, 18 February 2013

a complex watch design to share : Nicolas Lehotzky

this is one of the watch design that amazes me. although some people said it looks ugly. good stuff bad stuff comes in different for different individuals. it's a watch design for CAT ( caterpillar) with tractors mechanism, ( the designer called it the scorpion mechanism)  with the straps with stitched numbers that crawls around your wrist like a caterpillar to tell you the time. would definitely like to see how this works.

this is the concept sketches on the development part.

for more information on the watch please visit