Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tshirt Design: Us and Them (Designer from bangkok)

speaking about t-shirt, i am here and will be frequently updates u guys on t-shirt design, if you happen to be going to bangkok, try to make a trip to see these people. as far as i am concern bangkok is one of the city which contains many many creative individual. Things can be cheap in price and stylish too. me and my wife love to shop over there anyway. well enough about bangkok.

how do i come across this brand? the brand "us and Them" is an independent label from bangkok, which strange to say, discovered in phuket when i was there last month. i did travel to bangkok twice or thrice and yet, i found the brand in another island. LOL

The artist feature alot of pencil stroke styling artworks which was quite good, i have tried to search the design i bought from the net but failed to do so, anyway i found their site displaying some of their work, so have a look on those then.

t-shirt design (diy graphic t)'m going to blog my diy stuff, always love diy. i have always dreamt of wearing something i design my own. and yes, t-shirt is something which has been categorized as one of the easier form of artist expression besides putting down on canvas...but hey...t-shirt is a canvas too...we can paint on it...just make sure the medium is right thats it.

and i have studied many many many books, articles even tested on screen burning, casting and all, but i really have lots of constraint doing that..well well, just accidentally came across this thing called t-shirt marker, so i bought it and give it a try...well well, its meant for graduates to sign on their shirt tho. it's somehow a semi-failed project but i enjoyed it...and have a good laugh on it. my wife even said why don't get a plain romper and paint one for our son.

hopefully one day, switch could starts its own label. since i have been dreaming owning an independent label of my own.

get a plain boring yet comfortable t-shirt which u still want to wear. create an artwork print it on a sticker and cut out space u want to fill with ink and paste the sticker on the t-shirt, and insert a mounting board underneath the t-shirt

then u will get something similar to above. then use t-shirt marker, or i think spray paint on it will do too, or get some acrylic paint and use paint brush to paint. depending on your sticker material. for me i chose this shirt marker from artline

yeap, this is what i done filling up the eyes and nice area like kids filling stencil.

keep on filling to achieve what u desired.

tadaaa! this is my first t-shirt prototype, the word qswitch is too hard to be cut off by a pen knife so i decided to use freehand on this.

hope u guys enjoyed this silly attempt which i am posting. so who is interested to get this very first prototype for an upcoming big label for 10 bucks?? heheh...good investment u know?? hehe. just joking, i will be wearing this for the coming weekend.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Design Icon: Abishek Singh

yes it's design icon time again, recently...well not really recently, but yeah i found this artist from india, name abishek singh. Great works and masterpieces from him and the work he demonstrated contains very authentic essence. Well, it looks original in some way, mostly on the folks tale and religion influenced. u guys can read more from his blogs.

i am attaching some of his works, if u guys interested to explore further, please head to

have a nice day~!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Wallpaper for MAC

wow, its been such a long time since i have posted. damn~! let me think what do i have to tell? emmm same old son SHINQAI is 5 months old now....been busy with him for a bit, but most of my time which i have to write blog now, had been occupied by works works works.....yeap other than works its still works....since market is slow, i have to work extra hard on development, at some point of time, i think i am so gonna lose out...i mean my mind and temper. but anyway i still havent gave up on qswitch yet...nope not as yet, and i will not give up too...i am currently on some development, just tonight suddenly i have the urge to sketch with my olddddd ipad, which serves me i have done a sketch on the macbook pro which i am using, and i have lay it out into a wallpaper. let's have a look

yeap this is it. oh yeah and the resolution is 1280 x 800. anyone interested in this wallpaper, just email me, and i will give away this wall paper for free, well well, its not something precious, its just a bit of a midnight inspiration. I love mixture of cute and violent graphic.

yeap, if u love this, just place on your comment or email me, i will fwd you the link to download this wall paper.