Friday, 24 February 2012

vector contribution in stock images site.

hi all, just an update of latest qswitch works after a very long pause from my son's birth. Hopefully after this, since my boy is growing, less midnight feedin required, i would be able to spend more time on my personal design, illustration  and technical skill development. and of course updating this blog yea.

i hope everyone is fine here, and wishes everybody a good health after not writing long enough. i am all good, just a little bit tired recently, things would be better i guess. today i would like to inform and share what i have done in vector stock contribution. there's 2 image pending for approval. kindly view, comment and inquiries are welcome.

ps: istock rejected me again. no worries, once i think i have sharp and skill enough i will continue to try. :P

Friday, 3 February 2012

tatoo design: Angelic mermaid (needled and inked on skin))

hi everyone, its been very very very busy for me this few weeks. Well first time father, yet handling a sleepy emo wife, what to do. but hey around the corner, remember the angelic mermaid tattoo design which i have done for one of my colleague, finally its on her skin, and it looks sweeeeeeet~! and she's happy with it, i am also happy with it, so this is something i would just share with all here.