Thursday, 10 November 2011

Qswitch goes mechatroniQ part 1

after several inspiration from zluca, i have been taking times to studies mecha structure, i have always been a more of a cartoonish when it comes to character design. I like mecha design, but just couldn't get the hang of it, however, upon q.switching here, i would love to maintain the existing style at the same time switching on different styling to explore better styling for my personal design development. i hearby, attached 2 conceptually work in progress of my mecha design, feel free to comment. very much appreciated. TQ!


  1. I'll buy the 1st mecha figure if it's available lol

  2. dont worry, once i start carving and sculpting, i will inform you, and definitelly post on the progress. haha

  3. thanks....emmm i like the 2nd one too....the first is just first try out....2nd is the current tryout..but still find it too simple...eheh