Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Smartphone with a nature touch: ADzero

well this is the industrial design post again. i have came across this company which is based in uk had came up with something really sleek. simplistic, stylish, natural well what can i say more.  a smartphone with bamboo casing. The name? ADzero. i think its launch if not it will be very soon. and this will be sold in UK. i donno whether it will reach everywhere else. lets have a look.

so what do u guys think? i think its really cool and i wouldnt mind to have one myself. well now heres the question again? how durable is this? and how does the OS works.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

resignation of a designer. u guys shud read this !! haha

Pakistan-based Associate Creative Director at Spectrum Y&R Sharjeel Ahmad has written a tongue-in-cheek resignation letter that speaks the heart of every designer.

In ‘Resignation of a Graphic Designer’, Ahmad inserts witty phrases, such as “quit without saving” and “tightly kerned”, and explains the pains of working for (idiotic) clients—all of which designers can relate to.

Read his letter below:

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Monday, 22 October 2012

design icon: Andy Kurovet

i recently found this online from a blog talking about this watch, and it really catches my eyes with the fun elements incorporated in this watch and his name was andy kurovets.

With all the curious i have, i have click on his page and found that he has very very nice design and how he manipulate the watchs mechanisms and design, and also dont forget to check out his mouse design.

Have fun i hope u enjoy it.