Thursday, 25 August 2011

industrial design (BackPAck)

Hi everyone....hello hello anyone there reading?..anyway just in case there is...i guess it will be for future reading as well. today i want to talk something about my personal favourite...backpack...yes some people call me the god of bags...well not louis vuitton, gucci, prada, hermes and etc. What i am looking for is always based on functionality of the backpack or bag itself.

Besides functionality, design is also a core consideration for me to buy a backpack, eventhough sometimes brand plays an important role, however designs always comes first in most cases. Due to my coming baby, every one was talking about papabag, its a bags that a father carries, with all the stuffs for babies. some people just utilize whatever they have, some specifically buy functional backpacks for it.

As i have been doing some research on it, i am thinking, since i haven't got any hardcase backpack in my collection, i thought it would be great to get a hardcase backpack for myself. so here's my finding. my number 1 likes would be this:

the rugged armadillos hardcase backpack, with rubbers from recylce tyre, this backpack is supercool, but it is quite expensive i lets drop the idea, however i would like to share with everyone that is readin this blog.

Second comes, the boombox backpack, well i guess this is more of a gadget backpack that is not so practical, but hey, for music lovers who loves to party, and constantly mobile, this would be a great bag...nodoubt.

Thirdly comes the not so new design, however still looks good and standing the test of time. well, i dint know what is it call, however i guess everyone would know about it.

LAstly, this is something that i think is quite cool, but definitely not what i am looking for, but worth knowing, the portable gun case/ tool case, with backpack feature i guess somebody can modify the existing torn back pack base with a few stitching here and there to make one.

Now my turn......after consider long, i decide to design a hardcase backpack myself. I havent name it yet, however just something to share. This is just a conceptualization, who would buy if i produce this backpack?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

sketchup~! makes architecture design happens.

I think around a year ago, as i was surfing found the magnificent google picasa a free photo editing software, to my surprise, i google on other free products. and i found google my surprise on reading how it works i have downloaded a free copy to try out...apparently i was like ...huh?? wats that a left it aside. until 6 months ago when i was drinking with my fren CY, he mentioned something about that and i digged out my copy and gave it another try. Took me months to the moment i would say i am quite okay with it.

initially i was thinkin, well, why not try it to implement in my current working environment, as there's a lot of structure design for fmcg works, and i thought it will be great if me as a servicing person involved in some structure design since i am interested in industrial design. so i implemented and offer to my art directors. 

At the beginning, they were quite reluctant to try until i show them how easy is it to modify structures by a 3D program instead of amending in illustrator strokes by strokes. ripping out measurement for precision design. 

Today i want to share with all of you, one of my works for my client, which i will remain quiet, since this is a independent works sharing, it should be very very personal not relating anything to the works place...but hey...finding a modern architecture framework in stock is hard, what i did was....offered my art director why dun i build one up...and here the works are, of course for presentation purposes i have add on some effect.

Here you go~! my first architecture design happening virtually. modern penthouse units with floating corridors and sports complex with lounge. hehe..(its just my imagination)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


so what is design??? design can be anything. a ball is a design, a plate is a design, a poster is a design. without design there's no life (at least that's what i see it from my point of view). There's graphic design, packaging design, interior design, industrial design, inteligent design and so forth. All of these play its own role.

Design creates a representation. for example the chinese would have bowl, with chopsticks. these are designs.. due to the culture of the core food are rice and it's normally served plain with dishes on table, bowl and chopsticks are widely used, while people can starts digging rice right into the mouth uses chopsticks as well as taking dishes from the plate. While the european, are more on a meal on courses, with all things served at once, a plate is very necessary. fork and knife to cut poultry and meats as well as potatoes and bread. thus, plate, knife and fork is more widely used. this is design, but it's shaped by the way we live and culture we brought up to. but designs do evolved or shall i say we evolved with design around us.

For example cartoons and games, not only because the platform and the storyline is good, character design is also very important, without a proper character designed that suits the whole story line, it will failed.

Design also enhances the total outlook of everything. for instance if it's a cola drink without the word coke or pepsi, people couldnt relate the product to. so this is what we called as a brand design, brand design is very important for the world today, it's for recognition, its for the owner of the brand to get a sense of belonging. it's for all the brand owner to make a footprint regardless what industries they are in.

Talking about logo design, i have been fond of design, appreciating design, conceptualizing works and creative works, however, since i do not pursuit my tertiary studies from an art platform, it took me years to learn the skill of executing designs digitally, i have been toying around with many brand that i would called my own previously, it didn't really took off since the thinking is not mature, however today i wish to share with everyone, and hopefully everyone that read my blogs, understand how i started, and also the whole conceptualizing process of my web, my label and my design.

Q.switch as the logo with a special Q in post modern leaf shape box, the silhouette of Q left the tail of the Q looks like a switch button. A simplistic and minimalist  design is what i am looking for my brand design. With a simple tagline to demonstrate what i wanted to do or say to the world. Hoping for supports from everyone.

Friday, 19 August 2011

A switch in life.

Yes this post is about why do I pick on the newly develop website and what I will try to build in the future. Initially, I wanted to name it, Qlorofil (chlorophyll) as we all know, it is one of the major element in a plant where it helps to produce oxygen, and oxygen supports living creatures like all of us.  Enough on science and how plants works, but why q.switch?
Maybe it’s because of the timely matter, political situation in the country is not fantastic, global finance issue is terrible; client has not been easy, in fact getting harder and harder. The urge for me to develop myself in design and creative conceptualization gets stronger and stronger every day. I have been thinking a lot lately, since works are not as great as before, wife is expecting which is major part of joy to my life, and yet, getting bigger burden in terms of expenses. I really hope there’s a kill switch button that I can press on and engaged for a stop and get things rerun again smoother. This has meant something to me.
Secondly, queue switch is also another word for me. I have fond of arts and drawing since childhood, being raised in a typical Asian family, my parent like most Asian parents would have this perception of art couldn’t feed you and the family, was indirectly forced to study something which I do not enjoy much during high school, however later in college years, I manage to slip myself in the creative industries by studying communications, majoring in advertising management. And I have been happy even though I couldn’t execute much work, however, working as an account servicing person really let me see clearer side of both world. However, in order to master creative executions, one determination is very important, for there’s a lot of sacrifices of time has to be made, because all software skills and knowledge now comes self-taught, or learning from books and crash courses on youtube. (Thanks to all the generous contributors). As I have always been in the servicing, with current situation and the urge to own a label or a brand that calls my own, a switch in queue is what I should be doing. Hence, Q.switch.
And once I have design the logo, finally I decided that I must own a webpage. And starts googling for the name, to avoid, hundreds of common names, and to my surprise Q switch is actually a term by itself. It has something to do with laser technology, it is something like using smaller voltage of laser with higher frequency to provide bigger capacity or something like that, yada…yada..yada…but to conclude its still a big contribution and contains positive energy in it. So, I guess Q.switch is not a bad word after all.
And I have a concept in mind on what I am particularly engaged with, the website is very simple, there’s this about section, conceptualized, materialized and blog that link visitors over to this blog. Basically the 2 main key on the web should be conceptualized, where I share all my conceptualization work for exhibition purposes, and the materialized section to show people on what had been executed based on the conceptualization work. It could be anything, graphic eing printed on t-shirts, mugs, button, car decal, tattoo, print for wall decorations, toys, and many thing that on this time I can’t think of.
I hope you enjoy your stays here, on reading the concept of the webpage as well as the origin of Q.switch.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Let's Switch.

This is my third blog I guess, hopefully stuff will not left hanging. I guess because there isn’t much objective to write for. This time, things are different. I have recently started on a webpage, all about my works on design conceptualization as well as displaying stuff that has been successfully materialized. And for this blog is more of a detail on how I get things done, as a record of works as well as sharing knowledge with the rest of the design community.

However, in this blog, there will be extras. Since I am creative junkie myself, I have been constantly checking on stuff that I might be interested in, and I would like to share with the rest of the community on this. Most likely a lot of you might have come across or seen the stuff before, don’t get mad at the outdated info, for med designs or good scripts or good music doesn’t go out of time. is the new webpage that I am building, and this is the first step I am taking to own something in the cyberworld that called my own. Why Q.switch? and what’s the concept behind the name? please catch out for the next entry.