Friday, 28 October 2011

Mecha art and toy design

Hi..all, i know it's been quite sometime i haven't update my blog over here, well, what to do? since time is not good, all businesses is trying hard to cope with the current economic situations, and every troop in the working world, is fighting very hard, to get in more businesses that cost lesser, and contradictory providing better effiency and service quality. ain't life sucks.. :)

Well today i just want to share with everyone of you here, that lovesssssssssss toys....mechanical based design, mecha art and mecha structure. today i want to introduce everyone to this website owned by Luca Zampriolo. An italian mecha designer, sculptor and toy producer. Here's a brief write up which i found on the website (

“Luca Zampriolo was born in Mantova in 1975.  He displays at once a great talent for images that brings him to confer a degree on Bologna Academy of Arts in 2001 and to devote himself to production of  painting, graphic and sculpture works. In that shows an extraordinary attention of any artistic production that could refer to an immaginative technologic concept wich is suspended between a past that in reality appears as next,  and a future with a sophisticated-retrò characteristics. The proof is the production of  sci-fi patterns for numbered copies in artistic limited productions.  The field is a sort of “Steam-Punk” adaptation, in which first Industrial Revolution technologic  features are associated to the possibilities of a future imaginated science. Also emotional colors are dark, and the enviromment is a transfered  ahead Victorian London, showing indelible signs of  oil and steam. The compositive intuition points out all different changes  in Luca’s various artistic fields that finds in dream-like-atmosphere its most amazing and visionary equilibrium.”

-Giorgio Signoretti-"

Below are some of his materpiece gotten from the website:

Well thats it for today. if i find anything new, i will update you guys again~! Cheerios

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