Monday, 12 September 2011

one step to be recognized as vector artist

its been quite a number of years since i thought i should become a vector artist first, but how? i starts researching about contributing to stock library and wow it just doesn't look as easy as it seem for me. I have been trying contribute to one of the quite reputable stock image site "" and in order to control the quality of their stocks to their consumer, they have a proper evaluation. these are the steps.

  1. u need to read their guide and expectation from them
  2. u need to take a test and pass all the technical question which they impose.
  3. third u need to submit 3 sample works to them. and if you failed, they will forfeit you for a certain time frame for you to be able to submit again.
from my last attempt, and i have failed many many time, and the last forfeit period is 90 days, can u imagine waiting for 90 days to be able to re-submit works to be assessed? Well, i have pass through the 90 days, however, i feel that my previous submission, i wasn't so ready and i decide to open a new account, with a new virtual identity with the name of "qswitcho". and submit my best 3 to be assessed, hopefully this time, i will pass it all without trying to resubmit again.

this time around i make sure, i check all the artwork, with very clean up point, with proper colour coordination, without any open paths, and so forth. Today i will share out what i have submitted, and cross my fingers, meeting their expectation. To be able to become a contributor in the stocks meant something to me. With their strict policies and quality assessment, over the period of 2 years, i have learnt that to come out with concepts is hard, but to execute simple drawing that meets a professional requirement requires equivalent effort, and if you are not familiar with all the functions of the software it's sometime hard to meet what they want.

here you go, my best 3 submission to become a stock contributor: