Tuesday, 23 August 2011


so what is design??? design can be anything. a ball is a design, a plate is a design, a poster is a design. without design there's no life (at least that's what i see it from my point of view). There's graphic design, packaging design, interior design, industrial design, inteligent design and so forth. All of these play its own role.

Design creates a representation. for example the chinese would have bowl, with chopsticks. these are designs.. due to the culture of the core food are rice and it's normally served plain with dishes on table, bowl and chopsticks are widely used, while people can starts digging rice right into the mouth uses chopsticks as well as taking dishes from the plate. While the european, are more on a meal on courses, with all things served at once, a plate is very necessary. fork and knife to cut poultry and meats as well as potatoes and bread. thus, plate, knife and fork is more widely used. this is design, but it's shaped by the way we live and culture we brought up to. but designs do evolved or shall i say we evolved with design around us.

For example cartoons and games, not only because the platform and the storyline is good, character design is also very important, without a proper character designed that suits the whole story line, it will failed.

Design also enhances the total outlook of everything. for instance if it's a cola drink without the word coke or pepsi, people couldnt relate the product to. so this is what we called as a brand design, brand design is very important for the world today, it's for recognition, its for the owner of the brand to get a sense of belonging. it's for all the brand owner to make a footprint regardless what industries they are in.

Talking about logo design, i have been fond of design, appreciating design, conceptualizing works and creative works, however, since i do not pursuit my tertiary studies from an art platform, it took me years to learn the skill of executing designs digitally, i have been toying around with many brand that i would called my own previously, it didn't really took off since the thinking is not mature, however today i wish to share with everyone, and hopefully everyone that read my blogs, understand how i started, and also the whole conceptualizing process of my web, my label and my design.

Q.switch as the logo with a special Q in post modern leaf shape box, the silhouette of Q left the tail of the Q looks like a switch button. A simplistic and minimalist  design is what i am looking for my brand design. With a simple tagline to demonstrate what i wanted to do or say to the world. Hoping for supports from everyone.


  1. Dude, I think you should put a link back to your site from here.

  2. i wish to thanks my first followers....intorducing molotovcoketails!!!! i will try to link more to my website once i have set up my website.