Friday, 19 August 2011

A switch in life.

Yes this post is about why do I pick on the newly develop website and what I will try to build in the future. Initially, I wanted to name it, Qlorofil (chlorophyll) as we all know, it is one of the major element in a plant where it helps to produce oxygen, and oxygen supports living creatures like all of us.  Enough on science and how plants works, but why q.switch?
Maybe it’s because of the timely matter, political situation in the country is not fantastic, global finance issue is terrible; client has not been easy, in fact getting harder and harder. The urge for me to develop myself in design and creative conceptualization gets stronger and stronger every day. I have been thinking a lot lately, since works are not as great as before, wife is expecting which is major part of joy to my life, and yet, getting bigger burden in terms of expenses. I really hope there’s a kill switch button that I can press on and engaged for a stop and get things rerun again smoother. This has meant something to me.
Secondly, queue switch is also another word for me. I have fond of arts and drawing since childhood, being raised in a typical Asian family, my parent like most Asian parents would have this perception of art couldn’t feed you and the family, was indirectly forced to study something which I do not enjoy much during high school, however later in college years, I manage to slip myself in the creative industries by studying communications, majoring in advertising management. And I have been happy even though I couldn’t execute much work, however, working as an account servicing person really let me see clearer side of both world. However, in order to master creative executions, one determination is very important, for there’s a lot of sacrifices of time has to be made, because all software skills and knowledge now comes self-taught, or learning from books and crash courses on youtube. (Thanks to all the generous contributors). As I have always been in the servicing, with current situation and the urge to own a label or a brand that calls my own, a switch in queue is what I should be doing. Hence, Q.switch.
And once I have design the logo, finally I decided that I must own a webpage. And starts googling for the name, to avoid, hundreds of common names, and to my surprise Q switch is actually a term by itself. It has something to do with laser technology, it is something like using smaller voltage of laser with higher frequency to provide bigger capacity or something like that, yada…yada..yada…but to conclude its still a big contribution and contains positive energy in it. So, I guess Q.switch is not a bad word after all.
And I have a concept in mind on what I am particularly engaged with, the website is very simple, there’s this about section, conceptualized, materialized and blog that link visitors over to this blog. Basically the 2 main key on the web should be conceptualized, where I share all my conceptualization work for exhibition purposes, and the materialized section to show people on what had been executed based on the conceptualization work. It could be anything, graphic eing printed on t-shirts, mugs, button, car decal, tattoo, print for wall decorations, toys, and many thing that on this time I can’t think of.
I hope you enjoy your stays here, on reading the concept of the webpage as well as the origin of Q.switch.

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