Thursday, 18 August 2011

Let's Switch.

This is my third blog I guess, hopefully stuff will not left hanging. I guess because there isn’t much objective to write for. This time, things are different. I have recently started on a webpage, all about my works on design conceptualization as well as displaying stuff that has been successfully materialized. And for this blog is more of a detail on how I get things done, as a record of works as well as sharing knowledge with the rest of the design community.

However, in this blog, there will be extras. Since I am creative junkie myself, I have been constantly checking on stuff that I might be interested in, and I would like to share with the rest of the community on this. Most likely a lot of you might have come across or seen the stuff before, don’t get mad at the outdated info, for med designs or good scripts or good music doesn’t go out of time. is the new webpage that I am building, and this is the first step I am taking to own something in the cyberworld that called my own. Why Q.switch? and what’s the concept behind the name? please catch out for the next entry. 

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