Wednesday, 24 August 2011

sketchup~! makes architecture design happens.

I think around a year ago, as i was surfing found the magnificent google picasa a free photo editing software, to my surprise, i google on other free products. and i found google my surprise on reading how it works i have downloaded a free copy to try out...apparently i was like ...huh?? wats that a left it aside. until 6 months ago when i was drinking with my fren CY, he mentioned something about that and i digged out my copy and gave it another try. Took me months to the moment i would say i am quite okay with it.

initially i was thinkin, well, why not try it to implement in my current working environment, as there's a lot of structure design for fmcg works, and i thought it will be great if me as a servicing person involved in some structure design since i am interested in industrial design. so i implemented and offer to my art directors. 

At the beginning, they were quite reluctant to try until i show them how easy is it to modify structures by a 3D program instead of amending in illustrator strokes by strokes. ripping out measurement for precision design. 

Today i want to share with all of you, one of my works for my client, which i will remain quiet, since this is a independent works sharing, it should be very very personal not relating anything to the works place...but hey...finding a modern architecture framework in stock is hard, what i did was....offered my art director why dun i build one up...and here the works are, of course for presentation purposes i have add on some effect.

Here you go~! my first architecture design happening virtually. modern penthouse units with floating corridors and sports complex with lounge. hehe..(its just my imagination)

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