Friday, 8 June 2012

Wallpaper for MAC

wow, its been such a long time since i have posted. damn~! let me think what do i have to tell? emmm same old son SHINQAI is 5 months old now....been busy with him for a bit, but most of my time which i have to write blog now, had been occupied by works works works.....yeap other than works its still works....since market is slow, i have to work extra hard on development, at some point of time, i think i am so gonna lose out...i mean my mind and temper. but anyway i still havent gave up on qswitch yet...nope not as yet, and i will not give up too...i am currently on some development, just tonight suddenly i have the urge to sketch with my olddddd ipad, which serves me i have done a sketch on the macbook pro which i am using, and i have lay it out into a wallpaper. let's have a look

yeap this is it. oh yeah and the resolution is 1280 x 800. anyone interested in this wallpaper, just email me, and i will give away this wall paper for free, well well, its not something precious, its just a bit of a midnight inspiration. I love mixture of cute and violent graphic.

yeap, if u love this, just place on your comment or email me, i will fwd you the link to download this wall paper.

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