Thursday, 14 June 2012

t-shirt design (diy graphic t)'m going to blog my diy stuff, always love diy. i have always dreamt of wearing something i design my own. and yes, t-shirt is something which has been categorized as one of the easier form of artist expression besides putting down on canvas...but hey...t-shirt is a canvas too...we can paint on it...just make sure the medium is right thats it.

and i have studied many many many books, articles even tested on screen burning, casting and all, but i really have lots of constraint doing that..well well, just accidentally came across this thing called t-shirt marker, so i bought it and give it a try...well well, its meant for graduates to sign on their shirt tho. it's somehow a semi-failed project but i enjoyed it...and have a good laugh on it. my wife even said why don't get a plain romper and paint one for our son.

hopefully one day, switch could starts its own label. since i have been dreaming owning an independent label of my own.

get a plain boring yet comfortable t-shirt which u still want to wear. create an artwork print it on a sticker and cut out space u want to fill with ink and paste the sticker on the t-shirt, and insert a mounting board underneath the t-shirt

then u will get something similar to above. then use t-shirt marker, or i think spray paint on it will do too, or get some acrylic paint and use paint brush to paint. depending on your sticker material. for me i chose this shirt marker from artline

yeap, this is what i done filling up the eyes and nice area like kids filling stencil.

keep on filling to achieve what u desired.

tadaaa! this is my first t-shirt prototype, the word qswitch is too hard to be cut off by a pen knife so i decided to use freehand on this.

hope u guys enjoyed this silly attempt which i am posting. so who is interested to get this very first prototype for an upcoming big label for 10 bucks?? heheh...good investment u know?? hehe. just joking, i will be wearing this for the coming weekend.

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