Thursday, 5 April 2012

Design Icon: Takeshi Sato (Wall Mural Painting Artist)

hi my gosh, its been a while since i have post...well well...from the first day of my post, i have already mentioned the times are bad...ehehe....anyway, i have been going in and out developing business for the company, and really dont have much time to develop my personal project here, same goes for drawing vectors and so forth. after a long tiring day, i just would not give up using my last bit of energy to have fun with my three month old son....but in the mean time, i still surf the web for my reference and inspiration, and i am also quite active in looking around for inspirational video on youtube. Since i am not going to post what i have done, basically at the moment nothin, i would love to share with you all what have inspire me, and today the design icon which i am introducing to all of you is a wall mural artist called Takeshi Sato, a japanese artist which develop his wall mural painting in the States.

Well amazing, gifted eyes for freehand wall mural painting, and i have noticed all of this people are all selftaught. So have you watched the video, don't you think it's amazing?

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