Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tshirt Design: Us and Them (Designer from bangkok)

speaking about t-shirt, i am here and will be frequently updates u guys on t-shirt design, if you happen to be going to bangkok, try to make a trip to see these people. as far as i am concern bangkok is one of the city which contains many many creative individual. Things can be cheap in price and stylish too. me and my wife love to shop over there anyway. well enough about bangkok.

how do i come across this brand? the brand "us and Them" is an independent label from bangkok, which strange to say, discovered in phuket when i was there last month. i did travel to bangkok twice or thrice and yet, i found the brand in another island. LOL

The artist feature alot of pencil stroke styling artworks which was quite good, i have tried to search the design i bought from the net but failed to do so, anyway i found their site displaying some of their work, so have a look on those then.


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