Saturday, 3 December 2011

qswitch design in progress

hmmmm after exploring into multiple possibilities where qswitch would go, maybe it's good to have a logo design. i have been finding ways to identified what should be the best for the brand, and something would call my own. back to a very very basic route where alot of designers would do, the brand is usually build from the owners name, however, since now the brand name is qswitch i would think the other way round of designing a logo based on my name. my name in chinese is (δΈ°).

Well this is not the first time, i am using my own name to do something, of course the very first one which i have used is to convert my own name into a tribal design for my tattoo. A look in the mirror with a stylized tribal on my arm helps me get through alot of pain and challenges. well save it for now, maybe i would post something about tribal tattoo design.

lets get back to logo design. have a view, i have used the chinese character to form a clean modern looking design. watch out for it, if u find any item with this, it might be created by me:

Do comment on this, i might not changed further but i will value your advice...

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