Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A design with a message to keep the earth Green.

it has marked 36 weeks of my baby in my wife's tummy. while patiently waiting and treating my wife like a queen, taking care of everything. I am constantly lying on a couch accompanying my wife to watch some movies or shows, while doing that, most of the time i will have my laptop in front of me surfing and developing some design for my planned mission for coming months or year. for the last 2 days, none of the design i tried to design work out the way i wanted, and my wife had always been observing what i was doing, so seeing me looked down on the outcome of my own artwork. She came out with a suggestion, why dont you come out with that is green and eco. 

Well then, i was like thinking, since the design i am developing is not working, i should be doing something more relaxing in another matter. Maybe i should do some vector, because the design i am developing for my personal project even though has a hugeeeeeeeeee relation on green and eco, but it really doesn't work that way. Well since my son is coming out, and the green, going eco, carbon footprint, sustainability is the in-thing now for everyone.

So i decide to develop a public awareness stock, that themes on keeping the earth green. A cheerful boy on red sweater with a recylce logo stitching and butterfly on stopping on his finger with round motives of earrth with tree or leaves (whichever u perceive it).

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