Tuesday, 13 December 2011

7 finger painting in 7 days. A week of life lesson with sketching.

It's been 5 months since i posted now. It has been quite tiring for me actually. Not because writing all these post, more like a mind thing, i have been trying hard to master adobe illustrator to become a better contributor in stock, and researching about valuable stocks and so forth, and it had led me to forget how much this initially should be, it will defeat the purpose if i am not enjoying doing it, because i have always been stuck on it. it is cliche, but hey, that's the whole point right, once in a while while we are trying to hard to achieve something we tend to forget the key objective to it. So it's good to stop and look back, did we left out something, or missed out something while we were sprinting towards a victory. Well this is not a moral talk or whatsoever, but this is something i always believe in, and hopefully log it down, so i will get to read back my believes and therefore after this post i think i will stop posting for a week or so. unless i found something interesting or read something that i wished to share with fellow friends and readers.

As continually working hard on something, especially on stock contribution, being anxious and worries about unbalance, uneven pen point, wrong usage of gradient tool and many many more as a rookie contributor which is still trying to pass the test, sometime i forgotten how much fun is it, just to express what we feel is enjoying the arty part of our inner self, without taking much consideration about details, Just like when i am 4 to when i am 24. i just draw and sketch whatever i likes, and feel the soul had been fed in a positive manner, i do want to achieve this anyway with a more steady achievement which pays in return with recognition and acknowledgement, but hey, being overfed and constantly putting myself under pressure will do no good in long run. 

one fine day, i took out my ipad sitting inside my bag without using it, and attempt on finger sketching and painting again. i felt so much fun, without realizing much, i have evolve in terms of styling, correcting my previously flaw in a fun way. the ease of use, like pencil and paper gave me the feeling to draw and draw without being scared of badly coordinated pen points.correct layer planning and so forth. and i have been finger painting and drawn for the past seven days. and here i would love to share with all the readers.

A caricature of me and my lovely wife. She is 36 weeks with junior inside still waiting to come and greet the world, when i drew this, i was accompanying her while watching drama and she was paying attention to my sketch and then when i am about to complete, she had requested to change her shoes to slipper because she wants to remember the kind of water retention she's going through on her leg, haha. and then she wants me to draw her holding an iPhone. because that's wat she is with all the time, when she is fatigue or about to sleep while she is pregnant, constantly with her iphone reading facebook status, watching youtube, and play her few favourite games including smurf village. 

A devil figure inspired by hellboy.

A fictional political figure or a successful person, to speak the truth, i initially wanted to cartoonize Mr. Robert Kuok. there are many many news that tells us how great this man is.

A portrait which initially i wanted to try my illustration skills on a very dark contrast between shadows and highlights. I failed :). my wife named in " the man of darkness" she thought its one of the character inside my novel writing attempt.

A robotic figure with wheel and motor base on the lower part. inspired by a post apocalyptic era which i recently wrote on zoology, exploring character in novel.

Kung Fu master, inspired by the great bruce lee. but this is not bruce lee.

a special love and interest in skull art, i wasn't that into skulls stuff before, maybe man do change, i love exploring skulls shape and arts in recent years, there fore as i kept on drawing, i was like, her why not a painting with different art.

every single piece, i have been trying to make it as nice and as finished as possible. but hey the thing is i am enjoying every single part of it, and able to develop a better design sense, without feeling much pressure, i just take out my ipad and paint with my finger. Maybe after this week, after resting from a rest from constant finger painting, my software illustrator skill had growth and found a new path. 

" sometime it's good rest to complete a longer journey" - it's not my quote, it's some chinese saying i don't know who.

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