Monday, 19 September 2011

Wedding day

bells ring, people's laughter, most of the them laughing, cheering and drinking, shouting, dressing smart and playing games, 1 or 2 person is not so happy (might happen), crying in joy....yeah this is what you will see, hear and feel during you or your frens big day.....yes it's the wedding day. In most chinese family where i grew up from this should be once in your life...anything more than once is not something to shout out loud in most cases for a typical asian chinese family(at least).

So, there's a mix emotion in this occassion, some with tight budget but with high requirement might face some problem or stress..those with loads of cash, have it easier than others....but for most of the cases, since its a once in lifetime thing, the bride would hope for everything to be special. (ideally). some groom would want something special for the wife. Well this is where design become important....let's spill out something which can be specially design for this event?

1. Wedding cake
2. Wedding ban ring
3. Wedding invitation card
4. Wedding tracks (sound design)
5. Wedding suit and gown
6. Wedding Backdrop
7. Wedding Arch
8. Wedding door Gift
9. Pre wedding Album
10. Wedding Album

If u have the money u problem could come out with 20 more item, but out of the 10, theres half of them, where u can play around with. i personally designed wedding ban ring for me and my wife, character design of both of us for our wedding card, and wedding track CD cover as door gift, and a personalised pre wedding phootgrapher. Below is the design of wedding ring, both our initial starts from "T", so i designed my wife's ring to have 2 "T" connect where the head of the "T" holds a diamond in the middle, the challenge came in when i do not fancy diamond on my ring, so when both "T" joined to gether, it looked like a normal ban ring with square cuts in the middle. I spend weeks to resolved, finally something snaps, initially i have a line to separate both "T"s but i am still unhappy, suddenly the ideas just snaps. And i have brief my gold smith to have one of the "T" in polished finished, and another "T" is in matt sand blasted finished. Walahhhh....i am very happy with the outcome, i guess this could be one of the first project i did for product  (jewelery) design.

Second project which i wanted to share is on character styling or caricature. Why is this related to wedding? LAst few weeks, a friend of mine called, and this is how it went

Tsong: Hei, you working in agency right? u got any contact to print a backdrop?
Me: Yeah, i have. why
Tsong: oh its for my wedding, they charge me RMXXXX, and let us choose the whole backdrop from a template, and all of it are very busy. My wife din like it. We want something more stylized and clean. Do u have any idea.
Me: i can think something out (in my mind, it will be great if i apply my interest in character styling on somebody instead of it being always drawing myself, so i din tell him anything and started sketching the night by retrieving their pre-wedding pic from his facebook)

So, i have sketch out a rough character and the whole concept backdrop from my ipad, and send the jpeg to them, and they agreed on the concept, in fact the wife's quite excited about it, once everybody agreed, i starts to execute with illustrator, and changed the couple from holding a love shaped balloon with their name on it to, entering a hall with red carpet and they wedding celebration words on the walls. Once set, my first client approved, i have sent out to print. and wallahhhh this is the outcome:

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