Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Design Icon: Ora-ito

Designers ....designers...designers.....we are surrounded by many many products design by product or industrial designers. However some of the designers are so well known, as if nuthing will go wrong if it's art directed or design by them, and more often the cases, people starts knocking on their doors, rather than them knocking on others. on the other hand, some just took industrial designs as a part of the jobs, and they do as demanded by the client. So if you're a designer what and who will you want to become, somebody who dictates the designs, or let the client to dictate on major part and you help them to execute in a rationale way.

Well, to me both way will do (truth and reality sucks) you need to earn money for living, especially when you are in an asian country, alot of the unethical manufacturer would just copy and replicate whatever is famous or workable within their boundaries, it saves up so much when it comes to cost of development. However if one designer would need to follow a client's or an investor's view, i would seriously think that the third party would listen to advice, edgy thinking with high level of acceptance, and most importantly having a sense of taste.

let's look into what i labelled as a branded design icon, there's heaps of them, namely giorgio armani, giani versace, marc jacobs, and all you can think of in terms of fashion apparel. but today i want to review a person which basically sparks my interest in industrial design, and believe everything can be a part of design, just the matter of wanting it to happen or not. He is Morabito, a french carrying partial of his name, forming a wellknown personal design icon named Ora-ito. being kicked out from a design school, he decided to design products and create fake ads at the age of 21. He published the ad of an ibook and several series of louis vuitton products, that creates a hype  of people making inquiries to purchase product.

He had earned his fame from there, and later won the oscar best product design award for heineken alumimium bottle, and later develop many many interesting product design, interior design and so forth. here are some of  his works.

and many many more. and how i know about him. it all started from a handphone which i bought, and it was designed by him!

wanna know more about him, visit

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