Friday, 30 September 2011

one step to be recognized as vector artist (part 2)

hi everyone, if you have follow my post, you should know that i said i am ready to become a contributor in istock. Yesterday the result came back apparently i was rejected again, even i submitted my best 3. : )
No biggie, gotta take things more positively...rejection means that i am still not good enuff, or maybe i know what all vector artist knows what to do, but doing it the way which they do not accept, every stock site has a set of their own standard. Especially when they are very strict on picking contributor.

Nevermind i will keep on trying to come up with stocks with more commercial value, perhaps, character styling is not a popular stock image where designers would look for. But yeah, there's a good news too....and i have achieve my first steps to become a vector artist. had accepted me as a contibutor, while developing more stocks for istock submission. i will be posting my works in

to conclude, thank you for your support and love, personally to vector stocks, appreciate your approval to accept me as a contributor, hopefully i would be able to come up with vectors with more commercial values, and secondly i don't give up on my character styling interest.

No pix post this time. :)

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