Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New learning: virtual sculpting and modelling

hmmm its been a long time since i post, well same old story again, no time no time no time. well i do have time while i am in the office but i will be seriously in stressed, when i am free, that means the business is not doing very well, might not even moving, and that might affect my income. hehe, whenever i face such and such issue, i would normally do one thing, surfing and reading something that i am interested in or something that i think it might be useful for me be it now or future. Most importantly feeding the soul well.

quite often i am on youtube, watching different tutorial which sometime might not be relevant to me at all, but believe me, as long as you keep reading or watching, somehow you will find place where it is applicable, well if i am not wrong, steve job did mention this or something like this before, gather all the dots first be it useful or not at the moment (your interest), in future or soon, you will find everything u learn is useful and by then when u r ready, you just need to join the dots together and form a bigger picture. Haha i cant remember how exactly he said it, but this is something that i interpreted.

Well at this time, i managed to learn something new, and something which i have always wanted to pick up. 3D yes, no doubt i have master google sketch up as 3D basic quite well, but rendering an organic model in sketch up is do-able but very very time consuming. Well this time, i have done it again, my first virtual or digital sculpting attempt.

A mutated cat or monster fat or fat lazy cat or anything you would called, it just a simple take out on a character design in 3D. Have a look? do comment or share how would u sculpt.

too bad, with my current laptop, there's alot of limitation, once too much detail has been inserted, the computer starts to lag, and i couldnt sculpt further or else i would love to sculpt a full figure, it starts to lag, and sculpting cannot be done smoothly, most of the detail cannot be sculpt according to my mouse stroke.

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