Friday, 7 October 2011

tribal design with a switch~

tribal or native art make a big remarks on how arts and creativity mankind has. It's influence can be great and sometime religious. if we refer back to everything we know like the polynesian, african, maurian, the borneo native tribe, and many more, carvings, architecture, wall drawing, skin piercing and many more we could think of.

I myself view some of these creative group, actually plays a big influence in shaping religion, beliefs and culture of the specific living group. So aren't creativity and design important?

I myself, a big tattoo fan, eventhough i only have a small little tattoo on my arms designed by my self based on my name, have started drawing some black and white art on paper and microsoft words before knowing how to operate illustrator.

Those are history, once i started learning illustrator, black and white art is where i started and mostly on shapes for foundation and basics before i head towards the ambitious full colour vector where, gradients and colour coordination which i perceived is a totally impossible, if dont master the software at a good level.

After months and years of doing it, and designing tribal tattoo, i slowly developed a style of my own. It's nuthin related back to the old days as well as the motives behind each design. However, some design that i came up with has a story of my own, just like the old days. Check it out, as i explain.

both of the tatoo pack below is what i submitted for vector stock for download, its up for 1usd only for one full pack.

the first pack are mostly for shoulder blade of arm wraps or guest what guitar pick :), of course u can be creative with it's usage. I developed this based on the concept of protection. if you could see the abstract art of this set of modern tribal design, most of them contains some feature of faces from the vented sickles combinations.

Second pack are for arm band, upper or lower back piece, of course, making it as a deboss print for leather works will be cool, or many thing else as creatively u can think of. this is for protection as well, as you could see, some of these are quite identical to the first pack, as i think some of the people might prefer elongated format rather than square format (whatever u might call it).

Anybody wants a tattoo with personal styling and story?

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  1. Really tempted and inspired by Westerner's tattoos @ Khao San. My gf would kill me if I do one...