Friday, 4 January 2013

Impressive illustration for Ford's Camapign in Madrid: Bakea

Bakea is an impressive artist from Behance, and i have been following his works though, today i want to share with u guys something i like. It's not about the artist anyway, because it's sort of like needless to say anymore, if u know Juan Carlos Paz- Bakea, you would know he is a very very good artists of his own.

What i want to blog about today is, the openness of client in illustration when it comes to creating a marketing campaign. Kudos For, Spain, i am sure everyone will notice your ad, and the price point is communicated in such a sweet way, this is what i called the wow factor. lets see how good this is.

  • Advertising campaign for the agency Bassat Ogilvy Madrid and FORD.
if you want to know more about this artist you could visit :

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