Saturday, 22 December 2012

updates: sorry for abandoning the blog

hi all, recently i havent been updating my blog. hmmm i was busy preparing myself to face the world apocalypse....haha just jokin, i was working on a personal development, no doubt qswitch is my personal development, however qswitch is the key projects which obviously require alot of side project to form. hence, qswitch is like a frame without organ. now i am accumulating cells to form organ...scary pretty scientific huh? haha. well well, i know theres only 8 followers here, anyway i will be happy even if one could actually catch my updates. i will be updating more now, but towards year end with all the holiday season, plus my wedding annivesary, plus my sons birthday, everything comes in a shot.

i need to breathe....nope i dont need, i need to buck up for a challenging 2013, as i am ready to face it all, as i have set myself to kick off my 2013 this coming xmas. will update again.

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