Wednesday, 13 March 2013

modern minimalist interior for gaming centre by qswitch

i have been blessed with the second physical work for a company that hires me to do gaming centre as well, and this time, with the limitation of height, due to the beam goin accross the space, by covering plaster ceiling it will be very low and people could almost touch the ceiling with a small jump. there for cover the ceiling parallel height with the beam is not a wise choice, there i have raise everything to the max top, what i did was, to custom design and build a frame to wrap up the air conditioned unit, with trims covered by clear acrylic to inser coloured light tube inside. i have chose cyan and magenta alternating it to cast a mix ambience with high polished white tile with black trim around, and i painted the pillar and the beam with black forming 3 square arch inside the space, to make it as if it was holding the whole interior.  please view and enjoy my works.

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