Sunday, 15 January 2012

mechatroniQ 2 : a rough sketch of a samurai styling mecha

hi everyone, yeap it's been a very busy busy month for both me and my wife. my son had greet the world by becoming the greatest present for both me and my wife on the very last hour of boxing day. well, i will share details with u guys when i blog about the topic.

in the meantime, just stick with the title, mecha design....yes as u guys knows i am not very good with mecha design, and constantly trying to improve with the time given, i have almost stop my stock development, however, i still have some time to sketch with my ipad, thank god. when did i do it, while i am awake in the middle of the night waiting to nurse my lil king here. 3 days ago was the day where i have all the energy while waiting to feeed my son his midnight meal, i took out my ipad and started doodling, and initially came out with something which i am quite happy about.

it's a mecha with a samurai mask. have a look and comment. who knows it can be something i would look forward to sculp one day.   

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